Bakery Boxes: At this age, everyone is becoming more concerned about the impact of their activities on the environment. Companies and businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to be green. Switching towards sustainable packaging practices can make a good contribution in this regard. There is no other harmful material on Earth-like plastics; therefore it is very essential to get rid of it and save our planet from its disastrous effects. Packaging generates one-third of environmental waste and most of it comes from consumption activities. Food waste contributes a big percentage of it.  Shifting towards recyclable materials like brown Kraft paper can help you come out of this situation.

When it comes to bakery products, brown paper packaging is an ideal option to consider. It is good for your products, environment, and your budget as well. The material is 100% recyclable and easy to dispose of. Even if it is thrown in landfills it biodegrades at an incredibly fast rate as compared to complex counterparts. Using eco-friendly custom bakery boxes provides numerous advantages to the environment and your brand. Here we are going to discuss some super easy ways to protect your environment by using brown bakery boxes:

Kraft Paper is Recyclable:

The wholesale bakery boxes are manufactured without using any dye, bleach, or chemical. It’s the reason that they are 100% recyclable and leave no carbon footprint. Once the packaging has lived its life, you can recycle it to manufacture new boxes. It means that you do not have to cut down the trees or harvest new ones for creating these boxes. Recycling saves a large amount of energy as fewer resources are required during the manufacturing process.

Interesting Fact:

It would be surprising to know that recycling is a big cost-saving and energy-saving process. Recycling 1 ton of paper waste saves 17 large trees, about 7000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill, and more than 380 gallons of oil. It also saves energy that is equivalent to 165 gallons of gasoline.

The Boxes are Reusable:

One of the biggest advantages of Kraft bakery packaging is that you can reuse it many times.  Once you have consumed your confectionery the customers can reuse the box for storage purposes. It can be used to place in any food item or even a decorative accessory. The material needed for the manufacturing of these boxes is highly durable. This makes you use the packaging for a long duration of time. By printing the recycle symbol on these boxes you can encourage the customers to put the box in the recycle bin. It allows the companies to recycle the material and convert it to a new form of packaging.

Kraft is Renewable:

Kraft paper can be categorizing into two types. The first one is raw and the second one is recycled.  The raw comes from the wood pulp whereas the recycled one comes from the recycled pulp. However, the biggest advantage of using Kraft is that it can be frequently and easily renewed. Most of it is generating from the consumer’s used content. Kraft is also naturally biodegradable. If thrown in the landfills, it biodegrades at an incredibly fast rate as compared to other harsh substances.

Produce Minimal Waste:

The manufacturing process of Kraft packaging is simple, highly cost-effective, and does not require excessive energy. The most prominent benefit of using bakery boxes wholesale is their ability to generate minimal waste. If you are a bakery owner you might estimate, the need for different types of boxes and packaging solutions for an array of products. When you have to package several products, it’s not a healthy practice to use packaging that harms the environment. Going for eco-friendly Kraft boxes can make a good contribution in this regard. They do not require heavy machinery, setup charges, or a chemical process. Also, the custom packaging is extremely lightweight. It helps in decreasing your shipping cost and also the fuel charges.

No Harmful Plastic:

All types of product packaging include some sort of plastic that may adversely impact the environment. Using plastic will not only pollute the planet but also harm the health of living beings. Where the manufacturing process of the Kraft bakery box is simple, the one for plastic needs a large amount of energy. By using sustainable options, you can overcome a couple of issues and play your part in saving the planet.

Provide an Easy Disposal:

Custom bakery boxes made from Kraft material do not benefit the environment when they are in use, rather they also leave a positive impact once they have lived their life. It means that along with recyclability, they also provide ease of disposal. As a business owner, you may even mention this fact in your packaging boxes. It will allow the consumers to decompose the packaging on their own. Such a type of packaging can bring a big boost to your business image and help in establishing your identity as a sustainable brand.

It Provides Unlimited Uses:

Apart from being advantageous for the environment, Kraft boxes can provide unlimited benefits to different industries as well. To create a positive image, businesses can switch from old cardboard boxes to trendy Kraft packaging. The bakery sector is good to undergo this change. Kraft bakery boxes are good enough to pack every type of bakery product due to their versatility and appeal. Kraft packaging is of high quality. This makes it perfect for customization. You can personalize these brown bakery boxes according to your requirement.

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