Facebook is the most demanding social media platform in 2021. Using its feed on websites can be beneficial in many ways, just like other social media platforms it has a huge number of active users.

So, displaying Facebook Feed on a website can make your website more engaging, trustworthy, and friendly.

Reasons To Embed Facebook Feed On Website 

1. Aggregates Your Various Social Media Profiles in One Place

With so many social media profiles thriving in the digital sphere out there, it’s hard to keep tabs on each social media platform.

In the process of embedding social media feeds on your website, you have to first aggregate all those social media profile feeds together on one platform using a social media aggregator like Taggbox. After that, you can embed Facebook feed on any website.

When you aggregate them together before embedding them on a website, you get the opportunity to manage and monitor all your social media profiles together.

That’s like performing two tasks in one – social media aggregation & management and embedding them on your website. All go hand-in-hand.

2. Improves Your Website’s Presentation

We all know how addictive social media is. Now imagine adding the spices of social media to a boring website interface.

Sounds interesting, right?

That’s exactly what embedding social media feeds does for your website. It makes it interesting, engaging, pleasant and attractive to encourage visitors to stay on your website to have a look at what you have to show. In short, embedding social media feeds on your website helps you improve your website’s presentation and enhances the user interface of the website.

3. Displays User-Generated Content

Social media is the pool of user-generated content. Users freely post content like images, videos, feedback, comments, etc. on social media to express their views about a particular brand, event, or campaign.

Embedding Facebook feeds on your website allows you to display user-generated content as an integrated part of your website. And users just love user-generated content. After all, they are the ones who created it in the first place. When you display user-generated content on your website, this also encourages other visitors of your website to post similar content online using the same hashtags so that they can see themselves on your website.

4. Engages Your Visitors

So, now that we know social media is addictive and user-generated content is what users love, one thing is for sure: embedding social media feeds on your website will definitely engage your website’s visitors.

Displaying user-generated content on your website gives them a source of inspiration that makes them engage and interact on your website more and hence enhances their interests in your website.

This helps you to attract more visitors to your website and that visit again and again. Incorporating visuals by embedding social media feeds on your website enhances the appeal of your site. Visuals are proven to increase the user engagement factor much more than just the textual displays. And if it’s social media feeds, then it is just icing on the top of the cake.

5. Increases Your Visitor’s Dwell-Time

When your website’s visitors engage more with the website content, they tend to stay more. They come back for more.

This helps to improve the dwell-time of your website’s visitors. Dwell-time is the amount of time a visitor stays on your website doing meaningful engagement activities on your website. Today, when visitors have really no patience or a minimum level of patience, they tend to switch to another website if they don’t find relevant content on the website to engage with.

Displaying user-generated content by embedding social media feeds on your website helps you to provide your website visitors with that relevant content which makes them stay longer on the website, thus increasing their dwell-time on your website.

6. Reduces Bounce Rate

Increased dwell time automatically implies a reduced bounce rate. The bounce rate indicates how frequently any visitor leaves a webpage in the middle or after visiting just one webpage. An increasing bounce rate indicates that your website content is boring or off-putting.

Incorporating social media content on your website helps you to avoid the above from happening. Social media content displays interesting, fresh, dynamic, and original content that engages your website visitors and decreases the bounce rate effectively.

7. Enhances Conversion Rates

Whether you have an informational site or an e-commerce site, incorporating social media content on your business website is the smartest choice in the direction of growing your online business.

Displaying user-generated content by embedding social media feeds on your website helps you to bring the point-of-inspiration closer to the point-of-sale.

This encourages your customers to take the final purchase decision in your favor. Displaying user-generated content gives them that helping hand to make that purchasing decision, giving them the final push.

This helps to drive the conversion rates in a positive direction, thereby increasing your sales and growing your online business.

8. Builds Social Trust

Displaying user-generated content via social media feeds on your website helps you to provide social proof for your brand. This generates social trust, thus making your customers more loyal and permanent toward your brand.

Not only that, incorporating social media feeds helps you to expand your social reach and social influence among your user base and even beyond that.

Embed Facebook feed on your website maximizes your touchpoints with your customers and drives your website traffic to your social media profiles, thus increasing your social reach and social influence.

This, in turn, helps you to generate more social trust among the users.

Final Words

Incorporating social media feeds on your website does much more for your website than what was just discussed above. It also helps to spread the word of mouth marketing for your brand and expand your user base beyond the target audience.

Not only that, embedding social media feeds on your website comes with features like robust analytics, a powerful moderation panel, beautiful customization options, and many more features to make your aggregated social media feeds more beautiful and engaging.

So, what are you still waiting for?

Go and taste the fruitful benefits of embedding social media feeds on your website and experience the overwhelming results of your website’s performance.

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