When it comes to having a clean house, it all starts with a clean kitchen. Honestly, there is no such science to keeping the kitchen clean and healthy. However, mess-free kitchen space is possible by developing a few daily habits. For a happy and healthy kitchen, one does not have to be OCD, simply cleaning the counters and fabuwood cabinets will do. 

While keeping your kitchen clean, the first habit is to do regular cleaning. You cannot simply leave the kitchen with all the food crumbs and debris for days. Believe me: the odor will be unbearable. In addition to all the cleaning habits, make sure you clean up the space after every meal preparation and eating.

Some basic cleaning habits:

Now is the time to impart wisdom by presenting some simple cleaning habits. Try them for a week, and you will not be disappointed:

  1. Empty the sink and dish drainer
  2. Keeping the counter clear for most of the day
  3. Clearing small appliances
  4. Daily scrubbing the stove and the oven
  5. Dusting the fridge top and fabuwood cabinets
  6. Wiping down the counter and the kitchen floor

Empty the sink and dish drainer:

Remember that floating dirt is the worst when it comes to kitchen cleaning. So, always start with your sink. First of all, practice the habit of keeping the sink empty when you are not working. Well, it is almost impossible to keep a busy kitchen dry, but it is much better to keep the sink dry and fresh. Also, your dish drainer must be empty after dishwashing. And make a habit of cleaning the sink at least twice a day with a cleaner/dishwasher.

 Keeping the counter clear for most of the day:

 Your kitchen counter is the focal point of your cooking space. So, develop a daily habit of clearing the clutter from its top surface. Clear out every item that does not belong on your counter. In addition, only keep the things that are of daily use. For that, use your best fabuwood cabinets pricestorage wisely rather than cluttering the entire counter space. 

 Clearing small appliances:

 Another tip is not to spend too much time cleaning large appliances. However, clean your small devices daily or twice a week without spending too much time on them. So, clean debris from your toaster, sandwich maker, coffee machine, grinders, and mixer. Furthermore, steam your oven from the inside with vinegar and wipe it inside and outside. 

 Daily scrubbing the stove and the oven:

 Daily brief cleaning is a must when it comes to your stove and cooking oven. Keep in mind that deep cleaning can wait if you clean your stove exterior daily. These daily habits do not take as much time as weekly and monthly cleaning. So, clean the grime with warm water and any dishwasher. Moreover, scrub the stove when winding up the cooking time. 

In this case, it is much better to use an all-purpose cleaner for both electric stoves and gas stoves. Also, make sure you clear and clean the cooking oven at the end of every single day. Just wipe the exterior and inside with warm soapy water and punch. 

 Dusting the fridge top and fabuwood cabinets:

 You may not clean your fridge daily but dusting off its top face is essential to keep it clean. Most homeowners prefer black, dark-grey, or red/black fridge doors. You must have noticed that these fridges show more dust than your kitchen cabinets. So, start your day by dusting the fridge top with a dry piece of cloth. 

In addition, do not forget your kitchen cabinets. Understandably, you cannot clean the cabinets regularly. But, dusting off the cabinet faces is not that big a deal. Notice that your cabinets show oily stains, and dust tends to stick to them. That is why you should develop the habit of cleaning them daily. 

 Wiping down the counter and the kitchen floor:

 No doubt, your counter and kitchen floor are equally essential. So, make a habit of wiping down your counter after every use (twice a day). Use warm water for tough stains and a damp sponge for a clean sweep. Then comes the kitchen floor- that is a tough call. Brooming, cleaning, and mopping are vital steps to keep your kitchen shining. So, broom under the refrigerator, oven, and other heavy devices and make sure to take out all the debris. It is only best for your hygiene. 

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When it comes to clean and healthy kitchen space, it all takes a few daily habits. Regular cleanup is always a good idea, but are your fabuwood cabinets, sink, and counter clean each day? If you intend to become more passionate about a clean kitchen, develop these six habits as much as you can. 

So, clear the counter area regularly and make sure you clean the sink at least twice a day. Clean your small appliances and fridge top along with the kitchen floor. Try these tips and have a healthy lifestyle.  



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