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Imagine you started your online business, and you are looking for a platform where you can have an online presence, but at an affordable rate; hence you turned towards free hosting platforms. It seemed like a great deal to you, considering you have to stay within a specific budget. These platforms market their services as free plans that enable you to showcase your products, increase profits and reach customers. However, in real people who use free hosting platforms are unable to achieve any of this.

Remember, a web hosting Support Company with a reliable host like SiteGround or Bluehost will significantly impact your website’s health. Still don’t believe? Let’s have a look at the top reasons that tell you why free hosting platforms should be avoided;


The free hosting platforms should be avoided as they are unreliable. For example, if you plan to build a website on any free hosting platform, your provider can end their services whenever they want. Moreover, they are not liable to provide you with other resources that keep your site up and running. You can expect an email one day, and the next day, the services will be close.

This will lead you to find another hosting platform so that you can transfer all your data quickly. There are cases where the current provider doesn’t wait for you to transfer data, and as a result, you lose your entire website. Therefore, to avoid such events, it is better not to opt for free hosting platforms.

Poor Domain Name

Free hosting platforms usually have a poor domain name. The URLs provided typically consists of few relevant words and are followed by lots of numbers and letters. Along with this, your website will have the platform’s name in the end. This is considered unprofessional to consumers and visitors.

The websites making large profits have professional and unique domain names. This is one of the basics of web hosting. This is because people prefer websites that are rated by Google and have clear URLs. Hence, websites that operate on free hosting platforms don’t appear on consumers’ screens while they search. Poor domain name leads to insufficient profit.

Hidden Fees

Free hosting platforms in real are not free. The providers convince users by using the term ‘free’ in their ads, but a hidden fee is charged. Initially, you may build a website for free, but after a specific date, the platform can start charging you. For additional features also you will have to pay.

Tech enthusiasts choosing free platforms to stay within their budget usually overspend in the end. For such reasons, free hosting platforms must be avoided.

Locked Website Data

Along with the reasons mentioned above, free platforms should be avoided as the providers can lock your website data. Many people think that they can start the websites for free and then opt for paid plans once they have sufficient funds. These individuals fail to understand how difficult it is to transfer data to other providers.

At times businesses have to hire experienced IT professionals to move their site’s data. The time spends in transferring data results in low profits. It is better to stay away from such platforms so that you can utilize your time well.

Non Profitable Advertisements

Another reason that causes people to have fewer profits due to the free hosting platform is that they force you to advertise for them. They don’t allow you to do advertisements for your brand. When consumers visit websites built on a free platform, they are bombarded with lots of ads for the platform itself.

If they find these ads interesting, they will see your provider’s site. Therefore, tech enthusiasts on free media pave the way for their providers to make money instead of themselves. Instead of marketing other brands for free, it is better to avoid free platforms.

Free hosting platforms target people by exploiting their affordability. They are responsible for several problems that lead to overspending. For instance, their unreliability causes loss of data. Although they sell the word ‘free there are often hidden fees involved.

They come up with poor domain names that both the users and search engines dislike. Lastly, these platforms make it impossible for the users to transfer the website data to another provider. Hence for all these reasons, we should avoid free hosting platforms.

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