Residing in a comfortable atmosphere is always pleasing. However, with the growing expenses and space limitations, the apartments have gone tinier.

With work from home in practice, many of us require a separate office area. If the apartment is small, you have to comply with an office-bedroom combo.

What if you are a YouTuber or social media influencer? Creating a dedicated workspace in a bedroom can be the best possible solution.

Learning the smart ways to decorate these separate spaces can greatly affect your productivity and work-from-home needs.

Your office-bedroom combo needs to be inspirational, vibrant, modern, quirky, and joyous.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning or setting up your bedroom office.

What are the smart tips to make an office-bedroom combo trendy?

There are multiple approaches when it comes to styling your room and chique workspace. From comfy furniture to space-saving elements, try playing with items that suit your aesthetics.

Nevertheless, we have listed down some ideas to suit your social media-worthy WFH setup.

  1. Worktable

The first item that needs your wfh setup is a multifunctional table or desk. You can opt for a compact worktable that offers significant space to place your laptop and necessary stationery. We suggest looking for tables with cabinets or sliding drawers to place your needed items.

If you are into the social media business, opt for smart convertible tables with mirror attachments. This is a good way to store your makeup or gadgets without compromising with space.

You can also contact companies offering home office interior setup in Kolkata to fashion a custom table.

You can also opt for trestle tables that are sturdy and ideal for wide spaces.

  1. Segregate the areas

It is important to distance your work area from the bed for productivity. You can add curtains or room dividers to comply with the need. Adding bookshelves can also do the work. You can convert alcoves into a smart WFH setup space.

  1. Comfy chairs

You are going to spend 8-9 hours in this space. This can be problematic for your spine and overall health. Hence, it is important to invest in comfy and movable chairs. You can look for ergonomic chairs which are adjustable and come with soft cushioning.

Additionally, look for poofs or stools to support your feet.

  1. Murphy bed

If you need more space, opt for Murphy beds. This bed can be put into the wall or rearranged as per requirements. In addition, there are additional attachments like shelves, storage sections in these beds which again saves enough space.

You can also look for loft-style beds which are smart and stylish. In this regard, you can hire an affordable bedroom interior designer decorator in Kolkata and ask them for smart solutions.

  1. Lighting

Working in dim or dull lighting is dangerous for the eyes and mood. Believe us; you will feel tired and sleepy. Instead, try placing your work desk near the window for natural lighting. You can also invest in smart lighting solutions, which save bucks on electricity bills. However, avoid lighting pieces that can create glare on your desktop screen.

Want to make it fancier? Go for string lights. These tiny lights are inexpensive and look quirky in every space.

These are some efficient ways to make your office-bedroom setup work from home worthy. However, if you are worried about budget and shopping hassles, we suggest connecting with professionals.

These interior decorators will take care of every small need, from placing wall hooks to setting up a chandelier.

All of these for effective pricing!

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