Manage Stress

Stress, a word that all of us hear on a daily basis.

Most of us have gone through this on a daily basis or are currently suffering from it. Though, struggle with stress can be as different as people themselves are. 

Stress- How it Takes Control over Your Life?

Millions of people in the world and every one among us has their own reasons for stress. It can work sometimes or personal sufferings can make things challenging for people. The struggle is fairly difficult and can be energy draining. 

Not only is your mental health affected by stress but it also affects your physical health as well. In my case, poor mental health and uncontrolled stress resulted in serious digestive health problems. When I visited a renowned gastroenterologist in Islamabad I was told that I developed a stomach ulcer. 

Knowing about how stress has destroyed my digestive system, I definitely went to seek out help from mental health experts and minimize the damage I was causing to myself. It is important for you to be mindful of the damage it can cause to your overall health. 

Tips to Manage Stress

No matter where you stand in your struggle with stress it is bad for you. Damage can even be bigger than you think. However, my struggle with stress enabled me to discover the ways that can make stress manageable for you. Here I am sharing those tips for your convenience.            

1- Know your triggers

Stress doesn’t come without a reason and always has some triggers. Not only do these triggers induce stress but can also make it difficult for you to live a normal life. While some of the triggers induce stress, many others can make your existing stress worse. 

Being mindful of these triggers can be quite helpful in your stress management. Identify the situations that can make your stress worse and make it unmanageable.      

2- Eat a healthy diet

A part of better health always comes from a healthy diet. The food you consume has a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Certain ingredients present in your food positively impact your mental health by boosting your mood and by making you feel better. So, making the right food choices is better in this regard. Not only is eating the right food important but consuming it at the right time is even more important.               

3- Have some me-time

The importance of me-time can’t be denied towards better mental and emotional health. We go through different kinds of stresses throughout the day and this can surely take a toll on our mental health. When we spend some time in our company, this acts as a detox for our mental health and enhances our brain functioning.

4- Don’t disconnect

When we are not feeling well, we have this natural tendency to detach ourselves from everything and everyone. However, this disconnection can have long-term consequences on your mental health. No matter how much you feel like not talking to people, just don’t disconnect yourself from the people. You may take a break for a few days to make your mind function better but just don’t disconnect yourself for longer periods of time.       

5- Don’t indulge yourself in bad habits

Your habits say a lot about you and having good habits is generally good for you. Ensuring good habits isn’t only good for you but can have a long term effect on you. Many of us, while struggling with stress, find our ultimate escape in habits like drinking, smoking etc. Whenever you find yourself inclined towards any such thing, remember that it can be easy for you to recover from stress but difficult to get rid of these addictions. So, make sure you don’t work on temporary escape options that can cause more damage in the long run. 

Bottom Line!

Stress is bad for you and we all know it. However, it can be quite difficult to avoid the circumstances that can leave us stressed. Despite the fact that stress struggles can be different for everyone, the experience can be fairly difficult for anyone to deal with. 

No matter what your struggle with stress looks like, you don’t go for temporary solutions. Be mindful that you don’t choose suffering over solutions. If things still don’t work well over time, then it is recommended to seek out help from a professional psychologist to avoid more damage.            

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