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Los Angeles is one of the most populous county cities in the US. It has many sights and things to do. And, don’t think that everything in the city is expensive! There are several free attractions that guarantee fun.

For those looking for a more economical trip, LA not only has many free events, it also has several hotels with very affordable prices.

Below, you can check a list of the biggest free attractions in Los Angeles that will make your trip much more interesting.

1 – Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood itself is a tourist spot. It is a district of the city of LA that has a lot of importance in the history of cinema.

If you are interested in the Universe of the famous, will you like to see the names on the sidewalk and, who knows, you might run into an artist on your way? They live there. You can get some pictures, can’t you?

2- Beverly Hills

It’s a city in Los Angeles County, well known for being home to the famous and being the scene of several movies.

You can stroll and discover the luxurious mansions of famous artists, discover parks in the area and follow the work of the paparazzi up close. They usually follow the famous, who, incidentally, may be there.

If you like to go with limo service out at night, Sunset Trip is the ideal place! It has many bars, cinemas, casinos, nightclubs and a number of places worth visiting. You don’t need to pay to enter any of them.

3- Watch the recordings of programs and movies

Attractions in Los Angeles is the scene of constant filming, whether for TV shows, movies, series, etc. Many of these recordings are open to the public. You can just walk up and watch.

Remember, there are rules for watching a recording. They ask for silence when they start recording. It’s a great opportunity to get closer to this Universe and meet the artists who, not infrequently, talk to the public.

4- The Getty Center

It is a museum that has many paintings, sculptures, drawings and even manuscripts from the past, but it also has modern art. It is very common for artists to be present in the museum at exhibitions. Admission is free.

5 – Griffith Observatory

Attractions in Los Angeles, In addition to visiting The Griffith Park, you can visit the Griffith Observatory to see stars with the spyglasses available. The site always hosts exhibitions, lectures and other astronomy themed events. It’s a great opportunity to learn while having fun.

You don’t need to spend a lot to have fun in Los Angeles. If you thought to move just search “car service near me” that to go to Los Angeles and enjoy it during holidays, you would need to spend a lot, you were wrong. LA doesn’t stop at any time, with cultural events, shows and attractions happening all the time.

Artists from around the world gather in the city to perform. There is always something going on in the city and you don’t need to spend anything to enjoy most of it. Make your trip unforgettable.

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