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5 Apps you need while Travelling Abroad

People love traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, discovering new things about the regions and their specialties. However, traveling can be very stressful and the planning stage is even more nerve-wracking. If you plan the trip in a good way, there is a high chance that you may not face any difficulties later on the trip!

Here is a list of things that you desperately need while traveling abroad to keep your journey, safe and even more enjoyable without any chaos.

  1. Apps that would assist you as your virtual guide
  2. Currency
  3. Mode of transportation
  4. Accommodations

Well these are a few things, which you need to pre-plan properly in order to avoid any chaos during your trip. Another thing to consider is that you can plan all the aforementioned things just by using a few apps.

If you are thinking that why did we keep the apps in the first place, then you should think about the apps that you use in your everyday life and how they help you! If you got your answer, think about how the apps alone can be your virtual guide for your travel! Well if you cannot get it, go through this article and see how the apps will benefit you while you travel abroad!

We may find many apps that are very helpful for our everyday chores and developers create an app like uber and google maps for our convenience, and it is totally up to us how we fully utilize them! Here is a list of some apps that you can benefit from very easy and you should install and check them when you start planning your trip abroad!

Google Maps

Google Maps is widely used for navigation all over the world. It is the most used app for finding routes. It is fully loaded with the feature that can help you with the routes, updates of traffic jams, alternate routes, the distance you need to travel; in short, it has everything that you need while traveling.

The google maps have the most advanced features that a typical map should have it also provides you 360 degrees views that can tell you how your destination looks like, it helps you find the destination easily. It works with all three modes that are for bikes, cars, and pedestrians. You can choose one of the options and it will tell you the estimated time to reach your destination according to your mode of transportation.

Google Translate

Traveling to a place that has a different native language can be a unique experience. You get to learn new things and meet new people. However, the difference in language can become a huge problem for you to communicate with the people that you meet. In order to communicate and understand them better, you need a way to break through the language barrier. The google translation app is the best option to do this.

This app is built with 103 different languages and you can simply translate the language just by typing in the text! You can also download most that language completely so that they are accessible even when you do not have any data or Wi-Fi connection.


It is important to stay updated with the weather conditions when you are traveling and you have to pack for the trip. To pack in the most efficient way, you must know the weather of the place where you are traveling, and the weather conditions you will be facing along the way. If it were about to rain, you would need an umbrella or raincoats. If it were cold, you would need warm clothes and if it were hot, you would need light clothes to keep you comfortable all along.

The app is available in 100 different languages and provides hyper-localized forecasts, updated every second for the convenience of the travelers.


Airbnb is an app that allows you to pre-book or rent houses for a completely personalized experience. In the beginning, the app only helped in renting the spaces to the stay but now it also allows the users to make dinner reservations and other experiences, this is led by experts or local hosts. The experiences can be like bike rides or adventure services or anything that can be new for you to try out!

Just like the developers create an app like uber, that can help you book cabs anywhere where the service is available, developers created Airbnb for people to book or rent houses. It can make things very convenient for you and the bookings come with a lot more benefits that may vary!

XE Currency

A currency app that helps you with all the updated exchange rates. The live exchange rates that it displays are refreshed every minute. Considering the fact that you have all the conversions in a handy way, you can always convert the prices and fares when using another currency that is new for you!

Considering the fact that all of these are free to download and are very easily accessible and available for both IOS and Android platforms, anybody can download these apps very easily and plan their trip in the best way!

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