Every person aims to live independently for as long as they can. However, several people may need additional support for regular functions. If you or someone you love requires help to live normally anywhere in Australia, you may apply for Supported Independent Living (SIL) through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

The NIDS provides funds for SIL for the assistance and supervision of a person’s daily tasks to allow the grant’s recipients to live an independent life. It also teaches them to build their skills. Aside from independence, getting SIL also offers several perks that are important for every recipient.  

Make New Friends 

One of the best perks of signing up for Supported Independent Living is the opportunity to bolster your friends’ list. Living with other people under this grant can be an ideal way to help build friendships and other interpersonal relationships. If you choose this service from an authorised SIL provider, they will put you in a group with similar ages and interests. 

If you choose to live by yourself or your family home, the service provider can still support you by engaging with a wider community. They will also assist you in maintaining positive relationships and meaningful connections. 

Offers Balanced Freedom and Safety

Harmonising freedom and safety is crucial for every person, especially if they require assisted living services. Most SIL service providers will allow you to have a bedroom that will serve as your personal space within the SIL community. It will let you have the opportunity to decorate and arrange the room according to your needs and preferences to make you feel right at home.

The service provider will also assign a support worker on-site all day and night. The staff will ensure that you or your loved one will get all the support that they need any time of the day. In addition, the staffs are highly skilled and knowledgeable to respond to any emergencies to ensure the residents’ safety and wellbeing of the residents without compromising their freedom to do what they want.  

Foster New Skills 

Learn more skills while living within a SIL community. The authorised SIL service providers comply with the goals and needs mentioned in your NDIS plan. In addition, you or someone you love who needs supported living can work with a lifestyle assistant day in and day out to help you learn more things, no matter if you agree to a shared or an individual living arrangement. 

Some of the support you can get from the lifestyle assistant includes household routines like cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping. These experts can also assist in personals care and hygiene. But aside from these basic skills, the service provider will also hone your talents in socialising, budgeting, and keeping a healthy lifestyle.  


Establish Trust

Building a trusted network of support is necessary to the success of all NDIS plans. The service provider can involve the family to provide support for the enrolled person. Aside from the family circle, the responsible residents’ staff carer and other friendly staff can assist the SIL recipient when necessary. It will come in handy to ensure that the recipient will feel more comfortable with the SIL environment. 

Achieving an independent lifestyle will become possible if you work with a reputable SIL service provider in your area. You only need to find a service provider that can meet your requirements and expectations so you or your loved one can start learning the necessary skills for independent living.  


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