Did you know that there are 11 steps to writing a blog post that will get read? I bet this is news to you. Starting my dad blog was one of the best decisions I ever made. You have no idea how many people say they want to write a blog post but never actually do because they think it’s too hard or takes too much time.

But, in actuality, it doesn’t take long at all and can be done in just minutes by following these 11 simple steps. Just follow the instructions below and put in your own information for each step!

1. Make sure your blog post is about something people care about

Before you even start writing your blog post, you should first make sure that your blog post is about something people actually care about. If it’s not, then why would anyone want to read it? So do the necessary research first and make sure that the topic you choose will interest a wide number of readers.

2. Write an attention grabbing headline

Your headline is one of the most important aspects to writing a blog post because this is what tells people whether or not they should keep reading. So don’t be lazy with this step! Spend some time thinking up an attention grabbing title for your post and try using words like “secret”, “shocking”, or “astounding” if you want people to feel shocked by how interesting your post is.

3. Make the first sentence as long as possible

The longer your blog post’s first sentence, the more likely people are to read it and want to learn more about what you’re writing about in this post. So if you can make your first sentence ridiculously long and impressive sounding, then you’ll be off to a great start! People will have no choice but to continue reading.

4. Be specific when telling a story or providing an example

If you want to make sure more people keep reading your blog posts, try being very specific with any stories or examples that you provide throughout the body of your blog post. The more detailed things are, the better chance there is that someone will be able just by reading this post to visualize what you’re telling them about.

5. Provide an interesting fact or statistic in the first paragraph if possible

If you can manage to fit a little interesting fact or statistic into your blog post’s first paragraph, then that’s great! People like hearing facts and statistics because they give them something concrete to relate the topic of your post with. Plus, it’s just interesting to read them in general!

6. Add a helpful table or chart somewhere around the middle of your post

If you can add some sort of helpful table or chart to your blog post that will make people want to keep reading and learn about what else you have to say on the topic, then people will just eat it up. Tables and charts are a great way to provide a break from all the text in your blog post while still providing valuable information.

7. Make sure you have at least one image that pertains to the topic of your blog post

If there is some sort of image that relates to your blog post’s topic, then adding an image near the middle or end of your post is a really good way to make more people want to read it. People like looking at images so if they see one on your blog post, they’ll be more likely to continue reading because they won’t want to miss out on whatever this particular image was trying to show them about what you’re writing about! Plus, if you’re writing about something really interesting, it’ll be easier for you to find an image related to it.

8. Try adding a quote into your post

If you can add some sort of quote from someone famous or just someone who has a lot of insight on whatever topic you’re blogging about, then that will make people want to read more and stay on your blog page longer. It gives them the opportunity to learn something new and have their world view expanded all by reading your blog! So find a great quote and add it somewhere around the middle of your post if possible.

9. Tell readers what to do after they finish reading your blog post

Before you end your blog post, let readers know exactly what they should do with any new knowledge they’ve just learned. So if your topic is about how to overcome depression, let them know that they should go out and try doing whatever you’re writing about in your blog post! If you don’t tell them what to do with the information, then it’s not going to be as effective as it could have been.

10. End on a high note by giving readers a call to action

After everything else is said and done, make sure you end your blog post on a positive note so that people will leave feeling happy and inspired which encourages them to come back for more good content like the stuff in your blog post! Ask readers’ questions like how they would approach a certain situation or tell them where they can learn more about your topic.

11. Use subheadings throughout the body of your blog post to break up sections and make it easier to read

If you want people to keep reading, there’s nothing wrong with using lots of different subheadings in your blog posts that break up all the different sections and subsections that you want readers to focus on when coming across this article. It just makes it easier for them and less intimidating knowing exactly what each section is covering so that way they don’t feel like they’re left hanging without anything being covered in the areas that interest those most!

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