10 Trending Cakes in Mumbai That Even Celebrities Will Love

Do you know the reason why online cakes are the best friend of celebrations? Yes, it makes an occasion extra colorful with its yumminess. Therefore never gloom your beloved’s special occasion without ordering yummy cakes. The gateau you order must be unique and lip-smacking.

On the e-portal, you can spot an expansive range of flavorsome cakes. These online pages also offer the additional benefit of online cake delivery in Mumbai. But not all the cakes are delicious in taste or eye-catchy in look. Get to know about the top 10 trending cakes in Mumbai by reading the given below content. 

1.Oreo Mania Cake

Imagine a delicacies combo of chocolate and Oreo Biscuit cake for a birthday celebration- Yes, it will be amazing. One of the highly preferred birthday cakes in Mumbai is the Oreo mania cake. This layered dark chocolate cake is filled with dark chocolate buttercream and wrapped with Marshmallow icing along with Oreo cookies. This yummy cake has no gelatine and so even a vegan person can try it. On the online portal, this lip-smacking gateau is offered with Same-day-cake delivery in Mumbai. Henceforth order this amazing gateau for your loved one’s birthday and make the day splendid.

2.Scrumptious Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Elate your beloved brother and sister-in-law on their anniversary day with a luscious combo of chocolate strawberry cake. The delicious cake baked with the dual flavor of chocolate and strawberry will content the heart of your loved ones. Yumminess of the cake will take your loved one to paradise. This is the tempting cake that will add hues to the occasion and every bite of the cake will convey your love towards them. On the sites, this gateau is offered with the facility of same-day delivery in the country. Henceforth order cake online mumbai and intoxicate your caring souls on this day.

3.Choco Oreo Cake

Do you desire to awe-impress your soulmate on her special day? Then Choco Oreo cake will be the best choice. The layered chocolate sponge cake garnished with whipped cream and rich chocolate syrup will convey your unspoken love loudly to your soulmate. Also, the toppings of crunchy Oreo with KitKat and chocolate ganache will fill her mouth with water. This heart-stealing cake will fill your bae’s heart with happiness and it will cheer his/her face.

4.Butterscotch Heart Shape Cake  

Looking for the best trending cake for your boyfriend’s birthday? Then here comes the tempting cake for you. A butterscotch cake filled with whipped cream, butterscotch chips, and choco-cigars will be the best treat for your boyfriend. The e-portal exhibits this gateau in vivid combinations at a decent price. Also on the web pages, this kuchen is provided with the additional benefit of 3-hour delivery. Henceforth on his special occasion order this gateau and make the day remarkable. Every bite of this cake will convey your endearment towards him and it will sweeten your relationship. 

5.Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Pinata Cake

Looking for the best cakes in mumbai for your anniversary day? Then the heart-shaped pinata red velvet cake will be a great choice. This cute heart-shaped cake is filled with the yummiest red velvet cake when broken from outside. The e-portals offer this cake with this gateau with the same-day delivery option due to surging demand. Therefore on your red-letter day order this unique gateau and make your partner impressed. The outer hard shell will signify the hardship you both faced together. While the inner soft part will convey how you both overcome struggles together and lead a smooth life. It will be the best anniversary gateau that your equal-half will not forget in her/his lifetime.

6.Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake

Imagine the delectability of the delicious chocolate gateau blended with Ferrero Rocher- Lip-smacking, right? Therefore, on your chocoholic mother’s special day order a Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake. The kuchen with tempting chocolate sponge, chocolate cream, along with Ferrero Rocher shaving will melt your mother’s heart. While the Ferrero Rocher balls at the top will not resist your mom from tasting it. On the e-sites, this gateau is offered with the provision of midnight cake delivery in mumbai. So order this tempting cake for your affectionate mother on any momentous day and enlighten her. 

7.Fruit And Nut Cake

Looking for a dual combo of healthy and delicious cake? Then here comes the lip-smacking cake for your taste bud’s special day. Fruit and nut cake garnished with juicy fruits like kiwi, orange, slices of apples, cherries with whipped cream will be a visual treat for your buds. The garnished butterscotch chips along with the toppings of choco-chips with the fruits will drool your bestie. Order this cake for your health-conscious loved one on a special day and make the occasion indelible.

8.Customized Vanilla Cake

Outpour your love to your little sister on this Raksha Bandhan with a vanilla customized cake. The lip-smashing cake baked of vanilla cream and bread will delight your sister. While the personalized photo of you both at the top will express your fondness and love for her. On the e-portal, this cake is available with other gift combinations as well without the ingredient of eggs. This delicious dish will not take the occasion colorful but will also cherish your relationship.

9.Gym Theme Cake

Do you want to gob-smack your fitness freak bro on Brothers day? Then a gym theme cake will be the right choice for the occasion. This gateau is available in varied flavors along with different gym themes. So find the best one for your beloved brother from the prominent site and make the occasion a marvelous one. Your kin will be surprised to receive a unique cake and he will be the seventh heaven on tasting this gateau.  

10.Bride To Be Theme Cake

Celebrate your best friend’s bachelor party by ordering a bride-to-be theme cake. This adorning gateau is provided in different savors with various funny bride themes. Choose the flavor as per your best friend’s choice and theme as per your choice for rocking the celebration. Let the tastiness of the cake strengthen your bond even after her knot. Why to think? Pick a trendy bride-to-be cake and enjoy the event.

Wrapping Up

The above-listed are the top 10 trending cakes in mumbai that you must try on the special occasion. Pick any of the gateaus from the given-list and make your beloved one occasion spectacular.

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