best thakali food in kathmandu

Best Thakali food in Kathmandu

Thakali food has now become synonymous with Nepali cuisine. The variety of flavors tantalizing the taste bud is at par along with the nutrition it provides for the average Nepali.  With the increase in the number of people appreciating the “Thakali khana” many restaurants have sprouted across the city. But where do we get the authentic, hygienic mouthwatering Thakali khana with good value for money and good ambiance? Here is our top 5 pick for the Thakali khana in Kathmandu.

Jimbu Thakali

Jimbu Thakali is a traditional Thakali Restaurant named after Himalayan herb called Jimbu. Thakali Khana Set here is widely celebrated and loved because of its irresistible taste and variety of portions offered as a meal. From the buckwheat fries (Kanchhemba) a crispy exterior and soft filling to the lightly cooked chicken with right seasoning and the mouth-watering gravy full of flavors, kalo dal (black lentil), mustange aaloo (spicy fried potatoes), saag, karela (bitter gourd), radish pickle, timur pickle, popadums and a bowl of yoghurt are the best.

The essence of the meal does come from the village of Tukche, the owner Bibek Sherchan’s ancestral home. Located centrally in Tangal with ample parking and play space for children, Jimbu thakali is the best.

Tukche Thakali Kitchen

Tukche Thakali Kitchen is one of the most authentic family-run restaurants in Kathmandu, Nepal. The whole idea was to make real home cooked Thakali meal accessible to the public and to tourists who visited Nepal. They use local produce found in the city but many of the ingredients used in the restaurant are also sourced from villages in the Kali Gandaki region.

The main difference they say is in the style of preparation and in the use of some ingredients characteristic of Thakali cooking. These include ingredients such as sukuti or dried goat meat, buckwheat, barley flour, and timbur, a tangy Himalayan spice.

Bhojan Griha

What Bhojan Griha prides itself in the most is the food- that is grown, cooked and finally brought to the table. The food comes out in courses. The restaurant serves a set menu that consists of Newari style cuisine, so you don’t really have to go and order off a menu. The main meals were served in a thali and had Nepali staple dishes of cooked rice, sautéed greens, mushrooms, beans fried fish, chicken gravy and lentils. The chicken was substituted with a cottage cheese curry for the vegetarians. For dessert, there was sikarni, a sweet yogurt from the region.

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Thakali Ghar Aaagan, Bansbari

Along with reasonably priced local meals they also have a small store selling local products from Mustang such as jimbu, daal, buckwheat flour etc. Located centrally in Bansbari, Kathmandu. Thakali Ghar Aagan is popular amongst local people.

Krishnaarpan, Dwarika

Serving the finest Nepali of Nepali flavors, Krishnarpan is a slow dining experience reminiscent of the ritual feasts enjoyed by the Kathmandu Valley’s Newari community. Meals range from six to twenty-two courses and are prepared using the freshest vegetables from the Dwarika’s own farms. The courses are offered on traditional brass and earthenware, and served by hostesses representing Nepal’s diverse ethnic communities but at an exorbitantly high price.

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