A Guide to Wedding Planning

A wedding is the biggest celebrations where there are two people gather and united to make marriages by following the various customs, traditions values and norms with various cultures people, countries ethnic groups caste, and social status or class.

Most of the wedding ceremony is the lifetime one opportunity in most of the religious countries of the world. This type of marriage has especially exchanged the happiness of marriage vows by the presenting styles of sharing gifts, symbolic items, money, Beautiful dresses, rings and that with the public proclamation in the marriages ceremony.

This marriage is being done among the various people who were near to the family and other respected members of the society. In the wedding ceremony the bride and groom with the specially made ornaments gold diamond etc.

In the same way, special wedding garments and this ceremony is being followed by the wedding reception with various amazing celebrations with poetry session, music session. There is a religious glory of by reading religious texts from the concerned person for wedding session.

They are also likely to be common as in by the different ceremony with a variety of superstitious customs that has been organizing from the past ancient times.

Let’s make a vision of the marriages with a step to step planning which helps you do the type of marriage ceremony you really want to do. Make a plan either dinner or reception with a cocktail and informal or formal.

Mention the place like a garden or church. Think about the lists of things you need to do while the wedding ceremony is catering, showers, engagement party, favors, invitation, and other many items. See the different related to the wedding ceremony photo and images which will definitely help you to choose the perfect dress code food items, Beverage lists, engagements flowerings, etc and so on.

If you make it down a plan of the file then it will be better than anything else.

  • Make a proper vision with all the weeding sessions included in the ceremony.
  • Try to make the overall lists of your families, friends, and neighbors, it will help you to calculate the overall cost of the wedding ceremony.
  • Make a list of destination or a designation of wedding place that suits either church, Temple, garden according to the religion and you own desire.
  • Make a guide of the reception party with all the lists of food, beverage according to your investment and desire.
  • Find out the total budget that will be going to your wedding ceremony including all the costs in the ceremony.
  • Choose the different kinds of flowering items with varieties of decor hire a wedding planner or make sure you can cover it all the lists of doings.
  • Make a proper invitation card with all the invitations arrangement time for ceremony, venue and reception place too.
  • Choose a honeymoon destination where you want to move on likewise Bali, Thailand, Dubai Goa, etc according to your perception and choice.

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