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What is Password Generator?

Basically. a Strong Password generator is a software, app and online service which is provided to its users in order to keep their password safe from being cracked by the computer hackers. The passwords generated by using this tool is quite unique in nature.

Password Generator

For example: a43gcgdf717df71188e638189764cd51555beb76 was the password I generated using this service online. Just by giving a single glance at this password we can feel secure that our account, our private details will not be manipulated easily through hacking. The password generator tool uses various parameters to develop a new password like alphabets from the upper case, middle case and lower case, symbols, numbers, dashes and even identical strings (example:1gig1GIG).

The use of different genres of the keyboard makes the password complex to be hacked, the more will be the use of symbols and complexes the more the will the account be secured.

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What is the Strong Password?

Password is a unique identity of a user that allows him/her to keep his/her personal details safe by privatizing its access. These days privatizing in everything has been widely popular so everything has been secured with a password whether it's your phone, laptops or even access to your home.

Securing your password:

This is the age of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) but still, people are not aware of the importance of password. Still, their password is their initials by adding a few numbers behind it. But people should seriously take an account towards the security of their account in this gigantic world of technology by following the following preventive measures:

1. Use two-factor authentication

2. Although it is a little time consuming, you will have to wait until the code is sent to your phone for multiple access of your account on different devices but it boosts up your security.

3. Do not share your password to anyone.

4. Do not keep the same passwords to all of your accounts. If one of your accounts is hacked the rest of them are not safe and are propound to be hacked.

5. Use your fingerprint as a security because it is the only unique thing a user possesses

6. Change your password on a regular basis

7. Your password must not be less than eight characters

Strength of Password:

Passwords are the most widely used mechanism for protection despite their poor security. Hence, its security is a matter of concern, the security of passwords is determined by the strength of the password. Password strength can be defined as the number of efforts a hacker makes to crack our password so the stronger password lowers down the risk of alteration.

Strong passwords can be generated by using the following options:

• Upper case (Q ,W,E,RT,..)

• Lower case (Z, X, C, V ,… )

• Digits (0,1,2,..)

• Minus (-)

• Underline (_)

• Space ( )

• Special symbols ( &,#,@)

• Brackets ( {} , [])

• High ANSI characters

Advantage of secure password:

Securing passwords is a vital requirement in the world of technology. Some basic advantages of a secured password are listed below: Weak passwords are more likely to be prompt or attacked by viruses. So a secure password protects our data.

Your creativity, intelligence cannot be altered with a strong password Nobody can have access to your email, bank or student account If you have secured your account with a strong password

Using a secure password in social sites:

Social sites help you to connect to the global world so securing the passwords is a must because it is a platform where we connect to different personalities. There will be a huge number of access grants to your profile in order to gather information. Therefore to keep our online identity safe a strong password provides security from the virtual disturbance that is likely to be prompt.

How is secure password anti-hacking?

Secure password makes the hacker difficult to get access to our account. Hackers have tools that can invade our password if the password is simple. So we must use eight characters with the combination of alphabets from different cases, symbols, and numbers. The use of these things makes hacking difficult.

Using a unique password for every account

The safety of our privacy has been a huge deal so our various accounts should be secured with unique passwords because it will make the hack more difficult. If a hacker got access to one of your account it won’t take him/her long for multiple access of your account as it can be assumed easily. One password to multiple accounts is like a master key for all the locks. If it is hard to remember all of them we may use a password manager for it.

Best password tips from the professional

1. For each of your account creates a very unique password. It may be very dangerous when you reuse the same passwords if one site has a security issue.

2. It‘s very easy for hackers to try the same username and password more on other websites.

3. Don’t ever use any of your personal or identifiable information in your passwords. Names, birthdays, and street addresses may be easy to remember because they’re also easily found online and always be avoided in passwords to ensure the greatest strength.

3. Always make sure that the password is at least 12 characters long and contain letters, numbers, and different special characters. Some people also prepare 14 or 20 characters in length password.

4. Don’t use a commonly used password, weak password likewise 12345,password123,abcd,111, instead of that password use some strong password like [email protected]&dan, FON#2274,v&2z4o12nTS1 etc.

5. You should always avoid using similar passwords which changes only a single word or character. This types of things will surely weaken your account security on different sites.

6. Avoid using your own private information for the different types of security-related questions asked by the different social sites. To reduce those types of cracking and hacking from those unknown persons.

7. You can also use different password related to songs related to the lyrics of your favorite movies or songs. Always add random character to your password to make it more protective avoid replacing them in easy patterns.

8. You should never ever share your password to your own friends, loved one and families using via text message or email.

9. Always try to update your password when you feel necessary or feel like not working you sites very properly than before. Be sure that your social site or other site is getting some kind of trouble and necessary to change as fast as possible.

A strong password has the following things to be done

1. You should at least 15 characters of the password.

2. You should use uppercase letters

3. Also use lowercase letters

4. Use different numbers for more secure

5. Also use the symbols, such as ` ! "% ^ & * ( ) _ - + ] : ; @ ' ~ # | \ < , > . ? /= { [ } ? $ ?


This is a very modern technological time in this modern world. We are unknowingly sharing a lot of our private or personal details to the app builder or a developer thinking that we are very secured and nothing could happen. In fact, we are very wrong on our thinking and our thought must be change and should be very sensitive about our personal details weather, we are giving to the right hand or a wrong one.